Choosing Your Treatment


Your treatment plan depends on you Have you been suffering from constant headaches, pain in your jaw, neck and shoulders and a clicking, popping and cracking sound when you open your mouth to undertake everyday oral activities? If you have been diagnosed with TMD or temporomandibular disorder, there are some treatment options available for you….

Stress and Your TMJ Disorder


Stress can actually affect your TMJ First of all you may be wondering how stress can affect your temporomandibular joint (for short your TMJ). Stress is a powerful factor and can have surprising effects on your body. Worry and anxiety, which are two components of stress, accelerate your heart beat and when this takes place…

Test Yourself for TMJ

Do you think you may have TMJ? Take these simple tests to find out… While pain can be a clear clue you have a TMJ disorder, it’s not the only one. Poor posture, worn teeth, jaw joint damage, gum tissue loss around the roots of your teeth, and problems with your neck or the vertebrae…