Dr. Barry Cooper – Testimonials

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“I wanted to say a big THANK YOU for completely correcting my jaw-popping, clenching, neck and shoulder pain and headaches. The treatment and orthotic appliance can only be described as a miracle cure; this has been without a doubt the most successful medical procedure of any kind that I have ever experienced. You completely cured me. Your attention to detail and care for an excellent outcome is second to none. Thank you for everything!”


“I had TMJ headaches for over ten years before I came to Dr. Cooper. I spoke to at least ten different dentists and oral surgeons, all who offered conflicting ideas about how to treat TMJ. One of them made me a bite plate and it helped only slightly. By last year, the problem had gotten so bad that I was taking two ibuprofen every two hours to try and stop the headaches.

I was hesitant to work with Dr. Cooper as the thought of continuously wearing a bite plate did not appeal to me. However, I am “healed” in that I almost never get TMJ headaches any more. If I could go back, without hesitation, I would have seen Dr. Cooper ten years ago. From my experience, Dr. Cooper is a pioneer in this field. No one out there knows more about how to treat TMJ. He saved my life!”