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Ear Pain / Ringing / Congestion / Hearing Loss


Do you suffer from pain or ringing in your ears?

tmj-ear-painAre you suffering from ear pain, ringing in your ears or congestion? Do you feel that it is causing you hearing loss and your physician has failed to provide a suitable diagnosis? Have you just been offered temporary relief, but the problem just keeps reappearing?

These uncomfortable and worrying symptoms do not have to last forever as there may be a solution waiting for you that may have never crossed your mind. Your dentist may understand your facial movements and pains more than anyone else.

Your symptoms may be caused by a problem with your temporomandibular joint

The way in which your mouth moves when you speak, eat and chew is controlled by a joint called the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). As your physician has failed to come up with a satisfactory diagnosis, this joint may well be the cause of your discomfort.

You may have a temporomandibular jaw problem (TMJ) or a myofascial pain (MPD) disorder. The TMJ joint is the joint that lies on the two sides of your mouth and it links the jaw to the skull. TMJ disorders are usually far easier to diagnose by a neuromuscular dentist.

How treatment for your TMJ disorder can help relieve your other symptoms

This is all put down to your nerves which have pressure exerted on them if your ‘bite’ is misaligned and you feel pain when you eat, chew, talk or yawn. The nerve which is often nicknamed the “dentist’s nerve” is more correctly known as the trigeminal nerve.

This nerve has an influence on your jaw muscles, teeth, gums and the TMJ joint. This nerve also sends messages about mouth movements and links two important ear muscles in your face. If your bite is misaligned this nerve can cause ear ache and tinnitus.

Even though it appears as though there is an ear infection present, it may only be an irritation instigated by the trigeminal nerve that is alerting your body that your TMJ joint is not in the right place.

The muscle known as the tensor tympani goes to your eardrum and can create noises by stretching your ear drum. This muscle is especially affected if your bite is misaligned. If you do get tinnitus you may also get other symptoms too, such as hearing loss and congestion and even ear infections. This is the time to sort out the discomfort forever.

The solution may be out there waiting for you

tmj-ear-pain-solutionYou don’t need to keep enduring worrying symptoms. Arranging a consultation with a TMJ dentist in your area may not only put your mind at ease but he or she can conduct a number of state of the art tests to provide you with the diagnosis you have been looking for.

This type of dentist has the skills and experience to carefully realign your jaw so there is no pressure on your nerves so that the debilitating pain will cease. All you may have to do is wear an orthotic device which will help to realign your jaw and your bite.

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