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Eye Pain / Vision Loss / Sinus Pain


Having serious problems with your eyes or sinuses?

tmj-eye-painSome people often report unexpected pain in their eyes or their sinuses. This may be due to a number of different causes. When your doctor seems unable to determine the cause of the eye or sinus pain or remedies do not alleviate the pain, it is possible that an unexpected cause is responsible.

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) has been recognized as causing a number of seemingly unrelated, different symptoms when it has been damaged, including eye and sinus pain. The pain can even lead to vision loss.

How the temporomandibular joint can cause eye or sinus pain

The temporomandibular joint or TMJ acts like a hinge and allows the jaw to move up, down and sideways. When this joint is not in the correct position any movement that takes place can radiate throughout the face, especially as a result of the effect on an important nerve, the trigeminal nerve.

Pain that starts in the TMJ is transmitted using this nerve and it can generate pain in other areas of the face, which include the eyes. Many TMJ patients may experience vision problems which can include:
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  • Pain in the eyes
  • Vision that is blurry
  • Pressure in the eyes
  • Watery eyes
  • Eye strain
  • Loss of vision


Sinus pain is another side effect of a TMJ disorder and could include an increase in nasal discharge as well as becoming out of breath more easily than usual. Damage to the TMJ can result in a number of seemingly unrelated symptoms which often makes it hard to identify.

Help from an unexpected direction

If you experience any of these symptoms and your doctor has ruled out any physical cause you may be surprised to learn that a visit to your dentist may find a solution waiting for you. Your dentist can examine your TMJ and if it is found to be misaligned there are treatment possibilities that could relieve your symptoms. These include a splint or mouth guard to help to keep your TMJ aligned correctly.

Before this can be fitted your dentist will relax the muscles around your TMJ using a low level electrical stimulator in order to find the correct position for your TMJ. There is some action you can take yourself and that is ensuring you don’t chew constantly on chewing gum and hard foods. Your dentist can also fit a mouth guard to prevent teeth grinding if that is your problem.

Banish the eye and sinus pain with dental help

tmj-eye-pain-reliefEyes are such a fundamentally important part of your life that you really shouldn’t compromise in searching for a solution.

A start should be made with an initial consultation with a dentist who has experience in neuromuscular techniques. If a problem with the TMJ is diagnosed, then it is likely that the procedures suggested will banish those eye and sinus pains at last.

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