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Facial Pain


Are you suffering from facial pain and are unsure what is causing it?

tmj-facial-painFacial pain can have a number of causes, ranging from an injury or disease in the bone. These medical conditions can easily be diagnosed by a physician but if no cause can be found it’s necessary to dig further into the cause of persistent facial pain.

There is an important joint that links your jaw with the rest of your skull called the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). This can be subject to a variety of disorders, including misalignment.

Along with surrounding muscles in the jaw it controls the actions of chewing, eating, talking and yawning which are everyday activities are bodies cannot do without. These disorders are sometimes referred to as temporomandibular joint disorders (TMD).

TMD can express itself in many different symptoms

As well as facial tenderness there may be many other symptoms of TMJ disorder. These include difficulty with chewing when the lower and upper parts of the jaw don’t match correctly and facial swelling.

Sometimes, the person is unable to stretch his or her mouth open to its full extent. This can make talking and yawning difficult too. TMJ disorders can resemble other conditions such as toothache, gum disease, arthritis or sinus problems. If your physician is unable to find a diagnosis, then your dentist may be able to do so.

How a dentist can diagnose the root problem of your facial pain

The cause of facial pain, which is often the result of a TMJ disorder, is not always clear, but dentists have discovered that misalignment of the TMJ can cause this painful affliction.

There are such activities as teeth grinding and clenching that puts considerable pressure on the TMJ also a dislocation of the disc or soft cushion situated between the ball and socket in the joint can produce intolerable pain. Stress is a culprit too particularly when the person tightens their jaw and facial muscles or clench their teeth.

Time to deal with facial pain once and for all

tmj-facial-pain-reliefOnce a TMJ dentist in your area has established the root cause of your facial pain, he or she will then use advanced techniques to relax the muscles in your face. This will put your jaw and bite in the correct position where friction and contact with the nerves that cause your pain are located.

It may be necessary to have an orthotic device fitted to keep your TMJ aligned so that your bite is corrected and your pain eliminated.

If the orthotic device is needed permanently there may be other techniques that can be used to ensure a pain free TMJ. This could include dental restoration work which will help to realign your bite.

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