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Headaches / Migraines


Have you been looking in the right place for the source of your headache?

tmj-headacheHeadaches and migraines can become a part of your life – uninvited ones!

There is nothing worse than waking up to yet another morning to find the headache or migraine comes back with a vengeance. Your physician may have prescribed painkillers but they only offer temporary relief and not all of us want to depend regularly on medications if we don’t need to.

If you have been coping with headaches and migraines for many years and you have never managed to master the pain then you are probably looking in the wrong place. It is time now to seek out an alternative solution and it could be staring at you in the face and you don’t know about it.

Your jaw joint may be the problem

If your problem is a migraine headache, a sinus headache, a migraine with aura, a temporal, frontal, or occipital headache, you may find that it is a problem with your jaw joint that is causing this constant pain. Your jaw is composed of an elaborate system of ligaments, nerves, muscles and bones. For many of us this system works well for years on end.

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ), which acts as a hinge that that links both parts of your jaw, can become misaligned, and can then disrupt the rhythm of your body. This can happen as a result of an injury, stress or a jaw defect.

The jaw joint and its muscles can be affected too which puts pressure on surrounding nerves including the head. This can result in persistent headaches and migraines. There may be an end in sight and that might well be dental.

There may be a dental solution for permanent migraine and headache relief

tmd-migrainesNeuromuscular dentistry is different, as it is a holistic approach to relieving TMJ problems. Its aim is to realign the bite so that the jaw is properly positioned and the muscles too.

There are various tried and tested remedies including wearing an orthotic device or a mouth guard at night so that the bite becomes correctly aligned. If for some reason this doesn’t solve the problem, then a full mouth reconstruction may be the answer which could entail some modifications to the teeth.

It could be time to put an end to that constant pounding

There are choices waiting for you that could solve the migraine and headache pain that has been plaguing you for years.

Arrange a consultation with a TMJ dentist in your own area so that your pain can be evaluated to see if your chronic migraines and headaches are due to a TMJ disorder.

The most up to date techniques will be used to locate the problem that is causing your chronic pain. Once the evaluation has been completed a plan will be devised for you so that you can wish your headaches and migraines a farewell forever.

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