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Ouch! Has your jaw had a bash recently?

teeth-injury-tmjIt’s not difficult to imagine that any accident that causes an injury to the face may potentially have an effect on important joints like the jaw joint, more correctly known as the temporomandibular joint or TMJ.

The injury might not just be to the face or jaw but to the teeth that can loosen up and have a secondary effect on the TMJ. As the TMJ is used to help you eat, drink, talk and yawn, many everyday activities might be painful if it is damaged in any way by an injury.

What sort of injury can damage your jaw?

TMJ damage can be due to a major or minor trauma. Serious or major trauma is a type of physical damage that has occurred as a result of a single injury. This could be whiplash or a direct blow on the jaw, for example, from a car accident. Initial damage might include a neck trauma, dislocated jaw or head injury.

An injury that is serious enough to break or cause loosening of the teeth can also damage permanently the temporomandibular joint and any muscles or ligaments that are associated with it.

Once an injury has visibly healed there may be symptoms that still remain of a TMJ disorder, including:

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If you are experiencing any unresolved pain as a result of an injury, you should see a dentist who will determine what treatment will suit your needs.

Dentists use computerized devices to track the jaw, including sonography and electromyography (EMG). They also examine the alignment of the jaw and how good it is at co-ordination and the condition of the teeth.

Once the root cause of the discomfort has been diagnosed a treatment option will be prepared. It may be necessary to wear an optic device to keep the jaw aligned while activities involving the mouth take place.

Time to solve your TMJ pain

sports-injury-tmjIf you have suffered pain from injury related TMJ damage, there is relief available when you seek out professional help from a dentist who is experienced in neuromuscular techniques.

You will notice the difference in your self esteem and quality of life when your TMJ pain is finally banished.

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