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When you wish your TMJ would go away

tmj-jaw-painWhen communicating with other people have you had the misfortune to experience uncomfortable or even painful jaw pain? Accompanied by this pain you may have found that talking, laughing or eating can be annoying.

Have you noticed annoying sounds such as clicking, popping and cracking as your jaw moves? Your physician may have recommended some medication for temporary relief but once that has worn off the pain can soon return. It could be your temporomandibular joint or TMJ that is the problem.

So just what is the TMJ?

The TMJ is located on both sides of your face and it acts like a hinge, allowing you to talk, eat and chew through its ability to move up, down and sideways. When it fails to function correctly, you may experience jaw pain and sometimes swelling, as well as clicking, popping and cracking noises.

You may be suffering from temporomandibular disorder (TMD), a disorder that occurs when there is incorrect alignment of your jaw. As you can imagine, this can cause friction and accompanying pain.

It is only the matter of using techniques to help relieve the misalignment and your whole life will be changed forever. You may be missing out on a solution to your mental and physical anguish which could lie with your dentist not your physician.

A dentist may be able to help relieve your TMJ symptoms

A neuromuscular dentist will look at the way your jaw is functioning in relation to your teeth. The most important component that enables smooth joint operations is a healthy TMJ.

Advanced techniques are used to evaluate the state of your TMJ such as a T-Scan, which monitors joint noises such as clicking, cracking and popping sounds that your TMJ is making.

There is also a test called an autonomic nervous system test. This determines the strength of your bite. Once the diagnosis has been confirmed a machine is used that helps to relax the jaw muscles through the use of low frequency electrical stimuli.

As soon as all these pain free tests have been completed re-aligning the bite can take place by using an orthotic appliance which your neuromuscular dentist will fit and you will and it will carefully help to re align your bite.

Time to sort out that jaw pain once and for all

tmj-xrayIf you are seeking a solution to your jaw’s clicking, cracking and popping then this is the time to arrange a consultation with a TMJ dentist in your own home area.

The dentist will aim to create for you a pain free world by sorting out the root cause of those pains once and for all.

Find a TMJ Dentist in your area

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