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Making TMJ evaluation more efficient with the K7 evaluation system


K7-page-small Diagnosing a TMJ problem in a patient can be hard enough in the first place. The symptoms of a TMJ disorder (TMD) may be similar to a whole number of other health issues that the patient could be suffering from. There has been little diagnostic technology available until recently which can help the physician or dentist identify and treat what can be a very painful and debilitating condition.

Now the availability of new technology like the K7 Evaluation System can aid the neuromuscular dentist measure and record the functioning of the mandibular and its associated masticatory muscle and detect previously hard to measure information.

So what is K7 and how exactly does it work?

The benefits of K7 technology

The K7 Evaluation System is a handy and portable device which comes in a housing which is compact and easy to plug into an available USB port on a computer.

The system monitors and records three distinct sets of data which can aid the neuromuscular dentist evaluate the condition of the temporomandibular joint and assess its condition prior to and following treatment. The data capable of being measured includes electromyography, joint sonography and jaw tracking.

The equipment has been specifically designed so that it does not get in the way of the dentist’s access to the jaw and the patient’s teeth and more importantly, does not itself affect the condition of the patient in any negative way.

K7 evaluation provides a more objective analysis of the state of the TMJ and its associated physiological tissue to enable the dentist to make decisions about the most appropriate treatment options.

The K7 equipment: a user friendly package for TMJ treatment

K7-womanThe K7 apparatus is essentially a dentist’s dream. It is compact as has already been mentioned and very portable. The module itself, together with accompanying hardware, can be unpacked ready for use then packed away in its housing easily so that it can be stored away from the active area of the surgery.

K7 uses a Windows based software program which is easy to learn how to use. The dentist who is planning to incorporate the equipment as part and parcel of their TMJ arsenal will find that a short training program is sufficient in order to start using K7.

The software uses color graphics which helps to distinguish the three main sets of data and reports can be printed for use in educating patients or for insurance purposes or informing other health personnel. Testing protocols for occlusal analysis come pre-programmed and the software also allows for further protocols to be programmed into the device for more advanced analysis.

K7 – improving the treatment options for TMJ patients

TMJ treatment needs all the help it can get. Access to proven technology which speeds up the diagnosis of the disorder and the status of the joint, muscle condition and teeth is a boon to neuromuscular dentistry and should reduce treatment time and should put a smile on any TMJ patient’s face!

Training within the ICCMO will help you become familiar with the K7 system, and how to use it to benefit your patients.

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