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Communication is key

image-communicationIf you are intending to or already offer neuromuscular dentistry in your practice you will need to have a good understanding of all the techniques used in this branch of dentistry so that you can effectively communicate clearly its concepts to your patients. This is where membership of the International College of Cranio Mandibular Orthopedics (ICCMO) may be of use to you.

Here at the ICCMO we have continued to adhere to our mission for over 30 years, which is to defend, educate, develop and protect neuromuscular dental practices, so that dentists like you from throughout the world can make them an ongoing part of your services.

All neuromuscular dentists would benefit from belonging to the ICCMO so that they can demonstrate to their patients that there is a successful way of treating TMJ disorder. They can also be certain that the treatment they offer is the most advanced in neuromuscular dentistry.

Of course, many ICCMO members communicate with other members and this often revolves around accounts of their patient successes so that the examples can be used with other patients. They also contribute their own ideas to the knowledge base of neuromuscular dentistry. There could be no better way if you as a neuromuscular dentist want to demonstrate to your patients your knowledge and competence and communicate it too.

Better TMD communication with your patients

image-communication-2Sometimes, explaining the complex nature of the TMJ joint and how it can cause pain, especially how it can radiate to the body’s extremities, is difficult to explain to those patients suffering from TMJ disorder.

The ICCMO can provide materials to help you communicate with your patients about the idiosyncrasies of this condition. There are resources provided on our website that help you to provide better communication with your patients. We can also provide materials such as brochures, educational videos, and presentations to help you communicate the material.

Get marketing materials and all the other benefits

When you join the ICCMO you gain not just some useful materials to help you showcase your services but you will also find the best ways to communicate effectively with your patients.

There are many other benefits, such as meeting and conferring with neuromuscular dentists globally at all levels, accessing patients who go to our website to find a neuromuscular dentist that lives close to them and Mastership and Fellowship programs that you can access to improve your status and knowledge in the field of neuromuscular dentistry.

Share your knowledge and learn from some of the most accomplished and experienced neuromuscular educators and clinicians from around the globe.

Join us

You shouldn’t delay but join our organization so that you can gain vital knowledge, access stories from patients and learn from case studies.

You will be a far better clinician with our membership and your patient numbers will grow as your reputation improves.

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