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Do you feel stuck with shoulder, neck or back pain?

tmj-neck-painIn today’s world, diagnosing the cause of symptoms such as shoulder, neck and back pain using well researched diagnostic techniques should mean we are all pain free. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. You may have been to your physician and had extensive state of the art tests, but no definite cause has been found.

Pain killers are rarely a sensible long term answer, but there are methods of diagnosing your symptoms that are often overlooked and that is by looking at how your jaw is functioning. This is where a neuromuscular dentist can step in and help to find the cause of your constant pain and disruption to your life.

How a simple joint can make your shoulders, neck or back hurt

You might be surprised to be told that it’s a dentist chair that you should be sitting in and not a physician’s consulting rooms. This is because shoulder, neck and back pain can be due to incorrect functioning of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). This is the joint present on both sides of your mouth which lets you speak, yawn, eat and chew through sideways and up and down movements.

The TMJ is laced with nerves so is particularly sensitive and if your bite is not aligned this can mean noticeable pain can disperse itself around your body. Unfortunately for you, this can include your shoulders, neck and back. It might surprise you that close to 20 million Americans suffer from the debilitating condition known as temporomandibular disorder (TMD).

How a dentist can help relieve your pain

A dentist who has been trained in neuromuscular techniques will start by making sure that there is no other medical problem causing your symptoms. Once that’s been established, he or she will check your jaw’s functioning and massage the muscles with a low frequency electrical stimulator which assists in stimulating your blood flow.

When your muscles are more relaxed and the optimum position for your bite is established, a barely noticeable orthotic device will be put in place on your teeth helping to keep your bite in correct alignment. This will relieve the pressure on your nerves and the chronic shoulder, neck and back pain you have been experiencing for so long

Regain your life with today’s pain solutions

tmj-neck-pain-reliefAs soon as you have decided to bring an end to painful shoulders, aches and pains in your back and a stiff neck by arranging a consultation with a TMJ dentist in your own area you may well find yourself on the road to recovery in no time at all.

The pain solutions that rest with your dentist are out there waiting for you. You shouldn’t miss this opportunity but arrange a consultation today for a future free of pain.

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