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Support Materials For a TMJ Practice

What do I need to get my TMJ practice started?

marketing1Are you a dentist setting up a TMJ practice for the first time? Do you have great faith in neuromuscular dentistry as a technique for relieving TMJ pain? All the resources you need can be found on our website at the International College of Cranio-Mandibular Orthopedics (ICCMO).

If it’s knowledge you need, our members have built up a vast amount of this and are always willing to share with new members. If you are after the most advanced equipment, such as a T-scan, someone will advise you on where you can purchase it and how it can benefit your practice. You may wish to update your method of keeping computerized records of your patients and their progress.

There is always a member waiting to help you get updated.

The right materials for a successful practice

wwwAs a dentist you may have been running your practice for a number of years and it’s only now you have started to direct your interest towards neuromuscular dentistry.

You probably already know that up to 90% of your patients may suffer from a certain amount of malocclusion. With this new found interest you have the power to change the lives of many of your patients who have probably been suffering needlessly because they don’t realize that their jaw clicking and popping, chronic headaches, pain in the neck and ringing in the ears is to do with malocclusion.

This is your chance now to communicate with your patients so that you can use neuromuscular dentistry to turn their lives around.

Your patients may be lucky to be free of pain in as little as 2 appointments and 2 treatments. It’s a matter of communicating with your patients and finding out if any of them have been living with jaw pain with no diagnosis.

Contacting the patient’s physician or other health care professional who has been offering care is important to ensure no duplication of treatment is taking place and also to keep them informed of any treatment you are offering.

Good communication is paramount for your success as a neuromuscular dentist. Ensuring all treatment and communication between the different health care providers is recorded accurately. Any help that you need with tools required for record keeping can be accessed through your ICCMO membership.

From patient education to reporting forms, we’ve got everything you need

When you join our organization, the ICCMO, you will not only meet experts from around the world and have your name and reputation as a neuromuscular dentist published on our website for patients to see but you will also have access to state of the art patient reporting tools, whether computerized or not, so that no patient will get overlooked.

If you are seeking material to educate your patients on neuromuscular dentistry techniques we can arrange that and supply you with multiple copies of appropriate written material for your patients to study. This is all included in your ICCMO membership.

Get the materials you need

As you are reading this information on our website right now you shouldn’t delay but get ahead with your profession in your area by joining the ICCMO. You have a lot of expertise and many resources just waiting for you, so it’s an opportunity you shouldn’t miss.

Fill in your details on this website and add our nominal membership fees and a new world of neuromuscular dentistry will be revealed.

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