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Postural Problems


Are you a slouch or is it your jaw that just won’t stay straight?

header-images-postural-problems Posture problems have typically become more evident in recent decades as people’s lives have become more sedentary. This is when sitting down is a more common pastime than regularly moving around and exercising the body.

Activities that promote postural problems include sitting in front of the TV or computer screen, being behind the wheel of a vehicle and being a spectator at a movie or sports event.

Exercise today to prevent postural problems requires the person to deliberately undertake activities that require movement such as power walking, jogging, cycling, yoga and swimming. But what has all this got to do with a slouching jaw?

How does TMJ cause similar postural problems?

When your jaw is not correctly aligned, the lower and upper teeth in your mouth fail to fit correctly.

This misalignment means your jaw overcompensates as it has to work harder to complete the job that you are asking your mouth to do. This can be chewing and biting and even talking and yawning. The misalignment can damage your temporomandibular joint or TMJ – the joint that helps you to eat, drink and talk. You react by trying to relieve the pain by adjusting your body’s position.

This can typically cause your body to take on a lop-sided appearance as you try to relieve the pain thus affecting your overall posture.

If no diagnosis is sought and nothing is done to treat the TMJ disorder your back, shoulders and neck may become more rounded in appearance than they should be affecting your standing and sitting positions. This incorrect positioning can seep throughout your body and affect your hips too. In the worst cases of posture problems on side of your body may appear higher.

A dental solution for posture problems

page-images-postural-problemsThe most advanced stages of body misalignment can be tiring far too easily leading to poor functioning in everyday activities.

If you think that your TMJ is causing all this discomfort and is not only ruining your posture but your ability to undertake daily tasks and is causing embarrassment to you the answer may lie in a visit to your dentist who can conduct tests to see if misalignment of your TMJ is causing your overall postural problems.

Realigning your TMJ may offer a solution that will change your life forever. A dentist can conduct diagnostic tests on your TMJ and can fit a custom made orthotic device in your mouth that can gently re align your jaw. Other treatment options are available too that can offer the best relief possible for your pain and discomfort.

Straightening up your life

When your TMJ is causing you to have posture problems, it is time to straighten out your life. Arranging a consultation with an experienced dentist who has training n neuromuscular techniques is a step towards having a less painful jaw and an improved posture.

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