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Tekscan T-Scan


A T-Scan can help your practice develop

tekscanIn your TMJ practice, you probably frequently see patients who show the classic symptoms and signs of TMD, including jaw pain, clicking and popping when the mouth moves, constant headaches and blurry vision. This condition might not be life threatening, but can still be very uncomfortable for your patients. There is a useful device available called a T-scan which can undertake occlusion analysis.

The T-Scan basically helps determine if and how the jaw is misaligned and does so with a high degree of accuracy. The device uses articulating paper which is placed between the patient’s teeth and indicates which teeth are making contact and with what degree of force.

The T-Scan is a useful device to supplement other diagnostic tools used in neuromuscular dentistry and will certainly help in the preparation of a suitable orthotic device for your TMJ patient.

The T-Scan is easy to read

As you know, when someone closes his or her mouth, all the teeth should touch at exactly the same time with around the same amount of occlusal force. Also, when someone moves his or her mandible rightwards or leftwards, all of the posterior teeth should immediately disclude.

Sometimes, articulating paper is simply not accurate enough by itself at determining exactly when teeth touch and even a patient may be a better judge of this. A T-Scan map of the teeth is easy to read, making treatment more effective.

A T-Scan is remarkably accurate

tekscan2A T-scan is so advanced it has the capacity to tell you exactly how lightly or how hard each tooth makes contacts once the patient has closed his or her teeth. It also will tell you the precise timing of each tooth’s contact.

The T-Scan can provide answers to many questions about occlusion and it is an invaluable device for any neuromuscular dentist. It means that the treatment plan has a higher degree of success and the pain and suffering of your patient could be reduced.

How can you learn more about the T-Scan technology?

By joining the International College of Cranio-Mandibuilar Orthopedics (ICCMO), all the information on T-Scan, and more, is available through the professionals in neuromuscular dentistry that are members and who are always willing to educate and share ideas on diagnosis and treatment of TMJ disorders.

The aim of our organization is all about fighting and winning the battle of the pain and suffering TMD patients experience on a daily basis.

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