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Sleep Problems


Suffering from a disturbed night’s sleep?


Are you finding that you aren’t sleeping well? Do you suddenly wake up then fall asleep again throughout the night?

This sort of sleep problem could be related to the way in which you are breathing and is called sleep apnea. Constantly waking up throughout the night can rob you of proper rest and may leave you tired, irritable and unable to concentrate effectively. Poor overall performance is not the only side effect of a sleep disorder.

Losing sleep deprives you of a sound quality of life and good future health outcomes.

So what is sleep apnea?

Sleep apnea is a condition that can occur when your airway becomes temporarily blocked after you have fallen sleep. This blocking is caused by your airway collapsing occasionally which leads to momentary loss of vital air.

Fortunately, the body quickly realizes that something is not quite right and wakes up abruptly. This sudden body movement, which is often in the form of gasping and coughing, clears the airway and normal breathing resumes.

These interruptions to breathing can take place frequently throughout the night which means your body is deprived of the benefits of deep sleep. Sleep loss over a long period of time can result in depression and performance loss in many areas of life.

Sleep apnea could be treated by your dentist

If you find that your doctor is unable to suggest a course of action that really works regarding your sleep apnea, you could arrange a consultation at your dental office. Your dentist may be able to advise you what solutions are available to you.

Apart from a fixed treatment plan losing weight can help to alleviate symptoms as fat that has accumulated around your face and neck is often the cause of the blocked airways.

If your sleep apnea is quite severe there are oral appliances available that prevent your breathing from being blocked. These are tongue retaining devices (TRD) and mouth guards. The TRD prevents your tongue from falling backwards into your throat and a mouth guard keeps your jaw positioned forwards so that your airways do not get blocked.

There also is a device called a continuous positive airway pressure device (CPAP) which pumps air into the lungs, but this apparatus is not very comfortable to use so it is not a favorite amongst people suffering from a sleep disorder. In some circumstances, a CPAP may still be a useful device.

Don’t let sleep apnea ruin your life

sleep-apnea-reliefIf you believe that your frequent sleep disruptions are caused by sleep apnea and fatigue is taking over your daily life you should endeavor to get a proper diagnosis. Once your condition has been confirmed, a treatment program can be put into action.

A treatment plan which really targets the cause of your sleep apnea could help to revitalize your life.

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